1) How can I post the task to get something done? -
Send us an email on task@upraisal.net
Call us on (+91) 9819254300

2) When will I receive a confirmation?
You should receive an email confirmation within 10 minutes.

3) What are the city limits??
Churchgate – Dahisar (Western)
CST - Badlapur (Central)
CST – Panvel (Harbour)

4) What if I have a task beyond the city limit?
Just send us an email on task@upraisal.net and we'll run the task for you for at an
An additional fee

5) How do I know when the task gets completed?
You will receive a confirmation email/SMS once the pick-up/drop
has been completed.

6) How do we trust Upraisal employees?
All our employees are hired after robust background checks,
we take full responsibility of our employees.

7) Where is the service currently available?
We're currently operational only in Mumbai.

8) Can only people in Mumbai use Upraisal errands?
No, we have clients from all over the world who use our services
to run tasks in Mumbai and we cater to everyone.

9) How do we make the payment?
• Cash on errand depending on your location (pick-up/drop-off)
• Bank transfer
• Prepaid monthly account

10) For any other details or bulk booking?
Email us on task@upraisal.net or give us a call on (+91) 9819254300.

11) What happens if I have to cancel a task last minute after booking it?
You will have to pay a cancellation fee of Rs 100.

12) What are our operational hours?
Monday - Saturday (8am to 8pm).
Sunday (10am to 7pm).

13) Do you offer COD service?
Yes, we collect cash-on-delivery for small businesses.
The cash collected at the drop point is returned to the
client on the same day at an additional cost of Rs 100

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