Human resource Management and Recruitment:- Getting the right people for the right job is definitely not easy. How about leaving in the hands of the experts at Upraisal? We are always seeking to learn more from the reviews of our clients, and is constantly striving to move forward in a competitive environment. After all, we cannot afford to stay stagnant in an environment where we seek to be first in.

Permanent Placement This is the backbone of Upraisal We pride ourselves in sourcing for experienced and capable professionals and personnel in the line of Engineering, Administrative Support Assistants, Accountancy, Secretarial, Information Technology, InfoComm, Sales, Marketing and Finance staff from a huge database of job seekers.

Executive Search Head hunting & executive search division. While the agency is highly stringent in filtering out talent of what it deems to be of the highest order and the most relevant to its clients, its selection of executives is even more so. Upraisal seeks out only the most experienced and capable executive who is more than highly suited for the job, and who is sufficiently innovative and resourceful to lead the business from a different angle and devise immediate, effective solutions for the most intricate of problems.

Temporary/Contract Staffing Upraisal seeks also to ease the financial and administrative burdens that are often associated with the hiring of contract labour. Upraisal will take up the task of salary and payroll matters, so that the company can concentrate on the task at hand, and we will relieve the company of the monotonous and tedious job of managing payrolls. Based on the clients' project demands or assignment nature, the staff can be placed under our company's payroll.

Why Upraisal

It seems every other recruitment company claims to be ‘The leading recruitment specialist’ in their sector and they claim to have more experience than anyone else they care the most about their clients and candidates plus, of course they have the biggest database.

We think and work differently at Upraisal. We believe good recruitment is not just about using databases and cutting edge technology, but also about connecting people with people, matching skills accurately and getting the culture fit right, every time. We feel the best recruitment consultant should have the sensitivity, sector experience and intuitive understanding of their role in the recruitment process

In particular -
1) We do not make exaggerated claims about being the best, although we do strive to be so.
2) We know you have a choice and could easily take your business elsewhere, so we must deliver on our promises.
3) We keep things simple. People are complex enough, so recruitment doesn’t need to be.
4) We know that when recruitment agencies fail to act with Honesty and Integrity at all times, they will be caught out in the end.
5) Everything we do requires confidentiality, without question.
6) We treat our clients and our candidates as we would like to be treated ourselves: with respect.
7) We know we must deliver great value for our clients, so they keep coming back.

Our recruitment specialists come from senior management positions in their sector so they speak your language and know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Whether you are a potential Client of Upraisal, or a Candidate, we want you to get the best out of the recruitment process. Sign up to the Upraisal Code of Conduct today and let us demonstrate how good we are.

Our Value Preposition

Recruitment Expertise - Recruitment is what we do best. We bring in best practices from the industry, world class processes and the quality of our resources coupled with our intricate market knowledge attained over the years truly makes us a partner capable of strong delivery

Delivering Value - We understand that customer satisfaction through delivery is the bedrock of our work. Our approach is to Deliver Value business to with a fine balance between quality and timeliness.

Highly Customized Solutions - Each client of ours is unique and we understand that our solution will vary as per clients’ business needs. Our unique consulting based approach enables us to offer an extremely flexible and practical solution to each client.

Continuous Improvements - Recruitment and Training is what we do for a living and to improve ourselves in all the facets of our work is our success mantra. We like to bring our learning/ innovations to our clients to be a true partner to our clients.

How we work

Human Resource Management and Recruitment:-
Upraisal follows a systematic 10 process step to find you the right candidate for your organisation here is an example how we at Upraisal work have a look -
  • 1. You need a Marketing Manager for your organisation
  • 2. You call Upraisal and we get on board to help you with your prospective employee
  • 3. We begin the search for you matching the person specification
  • 4. Our dedicated Relationship manager shares filtered profiles with you
  • 5. You start the interview process and our Client Servicing Manager helps you with the same
  • 6. You as our esteemed client shortlists a few candidates and we at Upraisal help you make an informed final decision
  • 7. Candidate gets the offer letter from you and we at Upraisal now work along with the candidate to ensure that the candidate gets the resignation letter from his or her current or most recent employer
  • 8. We become the link between the candidate and you and the candidate’s previous or most recent employer to get documents processed smoothly.
  • 9. The candidate joins your organisation and you are now relieved and you thank Upraisal for providing you with the right candidate for your organisation who fits in to your organisation’s work culture.
  • 10. Lastly we raise an invoice once the candidates completes a month your organisation

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